Do YOU have IT?

Success is defined in Merriam-Webster as “favorable or desired outcome.” I asked a sample group of my family, friends, and co-workers, “What is success? What does it look like? How does it feel?” and I got a different answer for each person that I asked. Then, I asked them,

“Do you have it?”

Most answered “No.” So, from my results, I concluded (logically, I believe) that the majority of adults believe they are unsuccessful.

DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR THIS STATEMENT. Ask those questions in your own test group, and record the responses , with the “Do you have it?” response.

If you ask yourself that question, what is your answer? Do you have ‘it”?

What percentage of those you queried, including yourself, consider themselves “successful?”

With the world population at approximately 6.7 billion, just for the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume half 3.4 billion are adults. If we extrapolate my polling results of family, friends and co-workers, and assume for the purpose of this discussion that two-thirds (66.6%) of adults [my results were actually around 76% but that seems a bit pessimistic to me] believe they are “unsuccessful” (do NOT have success),then approximately 2.3 billion people still have the potential to see themselves differently — to see and become “successful”.

If “favorable or desired outcome” is defined differently by each individual, how can you, if you are one of those individuals, really “see” your own success, and live it? And, right now, do you “see” success as unattainable?

If that is the case, how do you make it attainable? Maybe it’s not as difficult as presumed. In fact, suppose, just for the moment,that it’s a simple “Begin at the end.”

Start by asking yourself these important questions:
a) What does success look like to you?
*Create a STRONG picture.
*Create a POSTER board with a photo of you and all the things that surround you in your SUCCCESS.
b) What would you like to have happen in your life that is not happening now?
*Focus on a positive picture of the characteristics and mannerisms of the people and surroundings in your SUCCESSFUL life.

c) What needs to happen for you to be successful?Now that you can SEE the picture of your successful life,
*Create the steps that you will need to take to BE in your SUCCESSFUL life picture.

*Create milestones with rewards — post them on your posterboard, and take pictures of yourself getting the “rewards” as you achieve the milestone.

* Begin your day with gratitude for all that you have NOW, then…
*Focus, look at your “successful life” poster, and go to work on a milestone.

Once you’ve achieved all of the milestone in your current “success” picture, create a new one. Maybe your definition of success is helping someone else, and that someone else was able to achieve their desired outcome with what you taught them. GREAT! But what’s next? Maybe it’s helping … just one more … of those 2.3 billion people who are waiting to succeed.

So… “JUST DO IT.” Whatever it takes for YOU to succeed, to see, feel, and experience SUCCESS…”JUST DO IT.” Over, and over and over. When you experience the joy of success, it shows… and it’s contagious.

Think of what the world might look like if 2.3 billion of the 3.4 billion adults saw themselves as successful; saw their lives as abundant and fulfilling. Think about how different the world would look if THAT MANY PEOPLE considered themselves “successful” instead of “unsuccesful.” If that majority RIGHT NOW considered themselves individually successful, do you really think the world economy would be where it is? Would we, individually and corporally, be allowing the media, corporations, and/or the government to control us through fear? I don’t believe so. Successful people KNOW that individual success is attainable. Collective success is attainable. Success is here. Now. Always. And, successful people find a way to attain it.

Are you… or will you… become a successful person? Start now… and “JUST DO IT!”

Here’s to your success!


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